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  • Steph

Eek! This is so exciting.

Well here goes nothing! There is always a beginning of something. Not many people get to see the creation of something new, so if you're reading this, then congrats! I hope I can look back at this post a few years from now and be filled with gratitude for all the hard work put in, for the people who will support me, and for where we have ended up.

A little about me & my little family:

This is Kyle, my husband, and Dexter, our 65lb boxer/lab mix. Kyle works for a local Architecture/Engineering Firm as an Architectural Designer and is soon to be working on his masters in Architecture.

We met online and after a little over a year of dating, we got married! So far, we've had a blast and we can't wait to see what God has in-store for us in the future.

We live, work, and go to church all in downtown Roanoke, VA. We love the area and hope to stay here for a while. Some of our favorite things to do on a weekend is to walk to the Farmers Market and visit some local shops.

Our vision for RTB:

We absolutely loved planning our wedding. Not only were we able to express our creative sides, but we were able to customize our day to fit us. We made great connections in the wedding and event industry here in Roanoke while we were at it. In our experience we noticed a gap in the Roanoke Valley; we felt like there was great vendors, but a fresh look at weddings was missing.

We want to be that voice for all those brides and grooms who really want a day that is theirs- not JUST what is the most trendy at the moment. Sure, there are some great things on Pinterest (that's often where we will start) but your wedding day is suppose to speak to who you are as a couple and your unique story.

But we aren't stopping there! We believe that ALL events should feel that way. It doesn't matter if its a bridal shower, baby shower, your 27th birthday- it all should reflect the uniqueness of who we are celebrating. That is our passion. That is our mission!

Our vision for the RTB website:

We preach authenticity and individuality in the events we help create, and that should transition over to our lives! We will use this platform to share things we've learned, things we think, things we celebrate on, and maybe somethings that make us cry. We think that this business is an extension of ourselves and we think it's kind of silly not to be ourselves in our business (why else create it?!).

So follow along in our journey and be a part of it. We love building community and when you partner with us, that's exactly what we are doing. Here is to the future! Cheers - Steph