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let's get to planning!

what's up buttercup?!

I'm Steph, hi! Okay... so here's the thing:

I started Raising The Bar Events because I am passionate about planning events that you will remember and cherish forever. I'm a mashup of a type A girl (I love emails, text and phone calls, folders, planners, pretty pens - all of it) and a creative left brained designer (studied Interior Design). Guess what else I like... Yup, that's right, PARTIES! Who doesn't? So naturally planning and creating a party is about the greatest thing I can imagine doing. So let's grab some coffee (or a gin and tonic) sit down and look at that Pinterest Board we both know you already have - and let's get to planning! 


"Through the final quarter of 2018 and into this year, Stephanie has managed our church events with excellence and style while bringing our vision to life. Her impeccable taste has helped us connect with hundreds of potential guests through public events and festivals. With consistent and effective communication, she greatly reduced the burden that comes with event planning and execution. RTB comes highly recommended for every possible reason!"

— Brandy Thacker, Jawbone Hill Community Church